Why Am Resorting to Working From Home.

From a freelancer’s perspective, remote work makes a lot of sense: it means less money spent on office space, access to a talent pool less restricted by location, and possibly even higher employee productivity.

But it’s not just freelancers who benefit from remote work. Employees also save money when they work from home.

In order to better understand how much money I saved by logging in from home a couple of days each week, I calculated a dollar value for the meals out, coffee, and long commute that I avoided in the process. The total was higher than I expected.

Money saved on food

How many days each week do you buy lunch? Even if it’s not every day, it’s probably more often than it would be if you worked from home. If you were to make lunch each day at home rather than purchasing it, you would save Ugx 12,500 on food each week (assuming 6 working days and a lunch purchase costs Ugx 5000 on average, and one made at home conservatively costs Ugx 3000). This adds up to Ugx 50,000 per Month and  over Ugx 600,000 each year. Of course, it’s still possible to bring lunch from home when you work in a traditional office. However, remote workers don’t risk forgetting to bring their lunch and don’t have the temptation of coworkers inviting them out.

Money spent on Transport

On average i spend Ugx 5000 every single day on transport fares to and from office, and this applies on days that am not caught up with early morning traffic. In cases when am caught up and a little delayed i always opt for a taxi hailing service like Safe Boda which costs me on average Ugx 4,500 for a single trip to office this means i would spend close to Ugx 7,000 that particular day. If i were to work from home it would save me 100% of my spend on transport, implying Ugx 30,000 per week, Ugx 120,000 per month and Ugx 1,440,000 per year would be saved. I would there fore set aside a spend for special or client meetings.

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Living a health Work Life

Humans were not designed for sitting all day long. Not one part of our body likes it — our backs, our guts, and especially not our heart. Yet that is just what many companies ask people to do for eight or nine hours straight. getting work done from home gives you an opportunity to walk around to the kitchen as you prepare your lunch or coffee, this makes your body active, you can even go ahead and work out with simple physique hacks .

If both sitting and standing at your desk too long is unhealthy, then there is only one good solution — you need a job with workspace flexibility.

Being More productive and getting a lot more work done.

For the couple of times i have worked from home, i find my self more productive done when i get to office, working remotely gives you capacity to concentrate and enjoy you work, apparently am investing insetting up a fully working environment in my bedroom.

However this may not be ideal for jobs like front desk officers, cashier, administrators, petty cashier, and any job that requires physical presence. However, jobs such as research, reporting, sales, blogging, writing, accountancy, telemarketing, data entry, speech writing, travel agency, web design, and editing are perfect for this.

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